December 25, 2013

IT is Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Edition

December 22, 2013

IT was our Third Anniversary

Christmas is almost here and we here at ittybittyIT could not be more excited. One of the special things about this time of year is that it's also the time of year when this blog was founded. As we celebrated our third anniversary on Dec 20th, we were reminded that we hadn't posted in a while, so we're coming back in full force and will (maybe) update this blog more often. We going to be starting some new things that will be announced soon, but we'll also be bringing back some old things like Wordless Wednesday, which will start back up this Wednesday (Christmas Day!!!). Thanks for not abandoning us these past ten months that we've abandoned you!

December 21, 2013

IT is the End of Exams

Yesterday at 11:00 a.m., the bells rang at Franklin High School for the last time of 2013. Then they rang again at 11:10 because for some reason at our school they like to ring the bells again 10 minutes after school ends just to remind you that you need to leave and go home. Exams are finally over and we don't have to even think about school until sometime in January when it starts back. It's just so exciting.

But on a less exciting note, this past week our school wifi was broken and so from Monday until Thursday afternoon, when it finally got fixed, we couldn't access the internet at all from school except from the computers in the library or learning lab. It was a rather traumatic experience for everyone at Franklin High School, but, fortunately, no one died.

Have you ever experience a traumatic time without wifi?

March 31, 2013

IT is Easter

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone's having a nice time with friends and family over the weekend! For us at ibIT, we've been on spring break all week, and we must begin again the routine of school in the morning. With lots to look forward to, you'll hear from us soon!
                                          I also found this today and thought it was so cool!


February 13, 2013

IT is New Monsters University Footage

As an animation fanatic and Pixar junkie, I devour every little trailer and teaser they put out to tide over their audience. Heck, working as an animator is my dream job! Anywho, check out these two videos that have recently risen online from their new film, Monsters University, coming in June.

I'm probably being extremely biased when I say I quite enjoyed this trailer, but it has received some mixed reviews from various sources online. I can see why, Pixar has set such incredibly high standards for themselves and this trailer seems a bit slapstick. I'm sure we all hope this turns out to be like Toy Story 2 and not Cars 2. However, this one seems beautifully animated as always and I'm confident this'll be another hit.

Now this looks excellent. The Blue Umbrella will be the short attached to Monsters University and it looks very charming. Those realistically rendered rain and umbrella textures can make any animator (aspiring or current) drool. All doubt aside, we're talking about Pixar here, and I'm convinced this'll be two hours in the theater extremely well spent this summer.

So tell me...Do people actually comment here anymore? Oh, and what's your favorite Pixar movie?

January 6, 2013

IT is Les Mis

Who should go see Les Mis?

You should.


It's glorious.

You should also bring kleenex. You're going to need it.